(d) 1.5 lb. Purity Seeds Ground Golden Flax Seed
(d) 1.5 lb. Purity Seeds Ground Golden Flax Seed
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  1.5 lb. bag Ground Golden Omega Flax

You are purchasing  1.5 lb. bag of Ground Golden Omega Flax Seed, grown on our family farm in South Dakota, cleaned and graded for human consumption.

Doctors recommend eating ground flax for: Lowering cholesterol, prevention against heart disease and cancer, natural laxative, reduces menopausal symptoms.  Recommended daily allowance is 2-3 tablespoons ground, daily.

Nutritional Facts: (per tablespoon)                                                     Calories  36   Protein  1.6 g.   Total Fat  3.3 g.(polyunsturated  2.4 g.; monounsaturated  0.6g.; saturated  0.3 g.; trans fat 0.0 g.)   Omega 3 - 1.88 g.  Omega 6 - 0.52 g.   Dietary Fiber  2.2 g.   Calcium  18.9 mg.   Magnesium  34.5 mg.   Phosphorus  49.8 mg.   Potassium  66.5 mg.   Folic Acid  9 mg.

Shelf life for ground flax seed is 1 year. It will keep fresher if stored in an airtight, opaque container in refrigerator. May also be stored in freezer for. 

Seed is ground frequently to insure maximum freshness.

Shipping is $7.75 for the first bag, each additional bag is $1.40

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