(d) 1.5 lb. Purity Seeds Ground Golden Flax Seed
(d) 1.5 lb. Purity Seeds Ground Golden Flax Seed
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  1.5 lb. bag Ground Golden Omega Flax

You are purchasing  1.5 lb. bag of Ground Golden Omega Flax Seed, cleaned and graded for human consumption.

  Recommended daily allowance is 2-3 tablespoons ground, daily.

Nutritional Facts: (per tablespoon)                                                     Calories  36   Protein  1.6 g.   Total Fat  3.3 g.(polyunsturated  2.4 g.; monounsaturated  0.6g.; saturated  0.3 g.; trans fat 0.0 g.)   Omega 3 - 1.88 g.  Omega 6 - 0.52 g.   Dietary Fiber  2.2 g.   Calcium  18.9 mg.   Magnesium  34.5 mg.   Phosphorus  49.8 mg.   Potassium  66.5 mg.   Folic Acid  9 mg.

Shelf life for ground flax seed is 1 year. It will keep fresher if stored in an airtight, opaque container in refrigerator. May also be stored in freezer for. 

Seed is ground frequently to insure maximum freshness.

Shipping is $7.75 for the first bag, each additional bag is $1.40

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