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Purity Seeds USA is located in eastern South Dakota and has been in operation for over three generations. The farm was established in the 1930's when Gene’s grandfather moved to South Dakota from Bellingham Minnesota.

From the field, the flax is cleaned for human consumption, then packaged into 2 lb. bags or ground and packaged into 1.5 lb. bag. The product is then shipped fresh to you the consumer.

In 2007 Purity Seeds LLC was created separating the company entity from the family farm itself. Great growth and changes lay ahead for 2008. We have begun work on a newer facility that will better aid the packaging and grinding process. The new grinder which is a cold milled process will help to aid in retention of flavor as well as extending its shelf-life. Keep watching us for newer products soon to be developed.

Traditional crops over the years varied from wheat, rye, corn, sunflowers, and millet as well as raising cattle. After hearing of the many wonders of flax, we decided to grow and package it.

Gene and Wanda have three sons Jordan, Anthony and foster son, Jacob. Our hope is that Purity Seeds USA will ensure them each a future part in the farming community.

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Gene & Wanda Bethke
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